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Nexterus Announces Strategic Leadership Promotions

NEW FREEDOM, Pa. – (September 2022) – Nexterus, a world-class leader in supply chain management and technology and a 76-year-old family-owned business, proudly announces four key corporate leadership promotions. The management moves will elevate the company’s client success, help to expand core capabilities, and provide continuity for the continued growth of Nexterus.

  • Chris Schramm has been promoted to Director of Sales & Accounts. In his new role, Chris will lead the Sales Department and the Account Management Department. Chris has proven himself time and time again, and Nexterus is very excited for him to take on more responsibility as he enters this new chapter of his career.
  • Lisa Flohr has been promoted to Director of Operations. In her expanded role, Lisa will oversee all customer service teams, including International Customer Service (ICS), Less Than Truckload (LTL), and Truckload (TL). She will also continue to oversee the Claims Department. Since joining Nexterus more than 20 years ago, Lisa has long been an A player; and has continuously improved customer service functions internally and externally.
  • Sandy Rounds has been promoted to Audit Supervisor. In her new role, Sandy will oversee all Audit staff. Sandy’s 20-plus years with the company put her in an ideal position to lead the day-to-day efforts of this production unit.
  • Stacey Druck has been promoted to Domestic Operations Manager. Stacey will oversee the LTL and TL customer service units. In her seven years with Nexterus, Stacey has proven herself as an important part of the Nexterus customer service team.

“Nexterus has deepened its bench of experienced players through well-deserved promotions,” said Ryan Polakoff, President at Nexterus, Inc. “These strategic changes will help facilitate the continued evolution and growth of our company. We’re honored and fortunate to have these talented individuals on the Nexterus team.”

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About Nexterus

Nexterus is a supply chain engineering and technology firm that has been helping small to mid-sized companies effectively compete in the global marketplace since 1946. Nexterus provides solutions to complex business issues, applying our expertise and best-in-class technology to model, optimize, and manage global supply chain strategies. Nexterus is America’s oldest privately-held non-asset-based third-party logistics company.

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