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Nexterus Announces New Franchise Location in Texas

Philippe Flichy Brings Essential National Supply Chain and Technology Franchise to Houston

NEW FREEDOM, Pa. – (April 2021) – Nexterus, a world-class leader with 75 years of experience in supply chain management and technology, is growing its presence in Texas, bringing the organization’s unique service portfolio to the Houston area.

Nexterus serves its customers with a best-in-class Transportation Management System (TMS), as well as industry-leading strategies in supply chain modeling, optimization, and management. Franchise owners use these logistics and real-time technology tools to help Nexterus customers run their businesses more effectively.

Nexterus Houston

Experienced business entrepreneur Philippe Flichy has purchased the rights to the Nexterus Houston territory. After more than two decades of focusing on technology integration in the oil and gas industry, Flichy is ready to use his wide-ranging business experience to help companies of all sizes solve unique problems that are slowing down their supply chains.

"I understand the struggles that large and small companies"

“I’ve led many companies, and I’ve also worked on the front lines, tracking and moving equipment around the globe,” said Flichy. “I understand the struggles that large and small companies are running into both locally and globally. With Nexterus, I have the technology to serve my customers by identifying those problems and developing efficient solutions for success.”

Ryan Polakoff, Chief Operating Officer for Nexterus, Inc., is excited to welcome Flichy to the Nexterus team.

“We are thrilled about this opportunity to establish a presence in Texas,” said Polakoff. “Philippe has a deep understanding of technology, business, and his territory and can take on any challenge that comes his way. He’s committed to delivering solutions to complex supply chain and technology problems while building long-term customer relationships. I can’t wait to see the growth of Nexterus Houston in the coming years.”

Nexterus franchise program

The Nexterus franchise program is a vital extension of the company’s essential and recession-resistant business model. Franchise owners are well-positioned to serve customers by delivering solutions to complex supply chain and technology problems.

“The personalized attention and white-glove service that Nexterus gives to all of its customers are what drew me to the company,” said Flichy. “The focus always remains on the client and solving their challenges. I’m proud to bring that level of service to the Houston area.”

For more information about Nexterus franchise opportunities, please visit:

About Nexterus
Nexterus is a supply chain engineering and technology firm that has been helping small to mid-sized companies effectively compete in the global marketplace since 1946. Nexterus provides solutions to complex business issues, applying our expertise and best-in-class technology to model, optimize and manage global supply chain strategies.

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