Your supply chain is a vast system that spans states, countries and even oceans. It’s no wonder that supply chain and logistics is a $1.3 trillion industry. The number of people and businesses affected by your supply chain is enormous. But who are these people, and why do they need the help of a supply chain consultant? Our supply chain consulting customers include a wide variety of businesses and industries ranging from small to medium-sized companies. See examples of customers benefitting from our products and services every day.

Factories and Warehouses

Effective management of factories and warehouses is a crucial step in any logistics business. By partnering with Nexterus, businesses can ensure they invest in their networks properly, to get everything they need and nothing they don’t.

Network Optimization

Through our network optimization services, a business can determine what it needs when it comes to warehouses and factories. Determine exactly how many facilities you require to best serve your business as well as the ideal size for each facility in addition to where they should be located.

Facility Layout and Modification

By partnering with Nexterus, supply chain consulting customers can avoid undertaking large capital projects unless absolutely necessary. Our facility modification helps customers get the most out of their existing facilities.

Inventory Optimization

Keep track of every SKU quantity, frequency, and location through our proprietary software. Always know where your goods are and their current status.

Distribution Management

Partnering with Nexterus enables businesses to avoid additional expensive software, leases, headcount, or material handling equipment. When it comes to warehouse and distribution management, we have your company covered.

Manufacturers, Distributors, and Retailers Transportation Companies

Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers rely on freight services to keep their businesses moving. That means it’s vital you work with a company that can provide your business with the management and optimization you need so your shipments stay on track.

Our proprietary Fusion Center technology is a resource agnostic tool that allows you to use our platform to organize freight pricing and benefit from the accessible pricing you see at Nexterus. Whether it’s your company’s contract, or ours, our customers always enjoy the best of both worlds.

Transportation Optimization

Our transportation optimization services include both freight velocity and cost. Transportation optimization can also benefit you by consolidating shipments and helping you build smarter shipments overall. This may include building LTL parcels into full truckloads to maximize your resources.

Route Planning Optimization

With state-of-the-art route planning and optimization, Nexterus helps to eliminate wasted time while also reducing the cost of your fleet expenses.

Hosted TMS

Our hosted TMS gives customers best-in-class online freight management at their fingertips. Find all the tools your business needs in one fast and convenient site.

Find Your Supply Chain Consulting Solution

Can your company benefit from the many supply chain solutions available from Nexterus? There’s a good chance that it can. See how you can take advantage of this versatile business opportunity. Download your franchise brochure today!