Big Data & Your True Cost to Serve

How can I measure my true cost to serve?

What’s your true cost to serve? Do you even know? Here’s why it’s important.

The truth is that the majority of small to mid-size business owners underestimate what it really takes from a financial standpoint, to distribute their product to customers. Their calculations probably account for the obvious supply chain costs, but are they really peeling back all of the layers and accounting for every dollar and every labor hour that goes into their sourcing, inventory and transportation processes?

Supply Chain Guru

Aggregating Big Data, using Supply Chain Guru, a best-in-class-supply chain software suite, removes the guesswork and allows business owners to truly measure and understand the true cost to serve (like it or not). As Big Data works to map out the “big picture,” the good news is that in many cases, opportunities to save and streamline become immediately obvious right away. More importantly, your profit margins become energized. What does that mean? Suppose you had an energy audit in your home. The consultant tells you cold air is pouring in through your windows in the dead of winter. What a waste! Right? Learning your true cost to serve is the same thing. The cold air is your profit streaming outside the leaky window. This is big time stuff. Companies always tell you their services will improve the bottom line. Learning your true cost to serve really will.

If you aren’t taking advantage of a software program that can aggregate and analyze your disparate data, you should be. Now stop reading this article and get back to sleep. – Nexterus staff article

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