advisory services

Our engineers can help your company answer the tough questions. Whether it’s avoiding bottlenecks in your product distribution process, reducing operating costs or assuring your company is sourcing and producing products in the right locations, Nexterus can model, optimize and manage your supply chain to benefit your bottom line.


  • Virtually render your company’s current supply chain to calculate your true cost-to-serve. Eliminate the guesswork!
  • Figure out how many warehouses you need, where to place them and how large each should be.
  • Build the optimal network utilizing the best mix of cost, speed, seasonality and safety.
  • Take the “what-if?” out of the equation! Modeling can give you the precise blueprint for any change to your network (expansion, reduction, new product introduction, new markets and more).
  • M&A- What if you had a crystal ball to view the post-deal company? Now you do! Rendering a virtual supply chain will ensure the most effective network is implemented.


  • Reduce your dead stock/obsolescence rate.
  • Take the guesswork out of safety stock. Know exactly when to re-order.
  • Optimize your plan for fulfillment targets.
  • Improve your inventory flow efficiency.

Transportation/Route Optimization

  • Optimize your route planning for the entire network.
  • View your transportation costs strategically, not tactically.
  • Optimize your transportation expense by and across modes.

Easy to understand. Simple to implement. Results that matter.