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Supply Chain Guru Perhaps the world's most powerful supply chain software tool. Nexterus can model, optimize and simulate up to 100 scenarios in parallel enabling answers to all your "what if?" questions.

Transportation Guru - With this tool, Nexterus can integrate your network design and transportation strategy with consideration to factors such as cost, time, capacity and delivery parameters.


Nexterus won't send you longwinded, boring reports that no one reads (unless you ask for them). Our account management team will quickly and easily review your supply chain activity using the interactive, visual graphics engine from Tableau. After a session with our team, the action items are clear and impactful.

Fusion Center

Why struggle to get all the data you need in one place? Now you don't have to. To manage day-to-day supply chain activity, there is Fusion Center, our proprietary, online TMS. Fusion Center is great for quotes, dispatches and reports. The real magic is in our worldwide shipment tracking capability, updated continuously. Once you log in, a worldwide map appears with your live shipping activity. Placing your cursor on any transit line on the map gives you the ability to quickly and easily action the data.

Fusion Center…your interactive, user-friendly dashboard

  • Create and save custom filtered views.
  • Simply click on a line or site to see all details.
  • Easily find, update, and schedule shipping quotes based on customer name, location, purchase order, accounting code, or a variety of other fields.
  • Quickly search current shipments to answer customer inquiries for shipment status.
  • See all inbound and outbound shipments for a site; making it easier to schedule personnel for shipping and receiving operations.
  • Review discrepancies between rate quotes and freight bills.
  • Quickly retrieve all documents and images associated with a shipment: quotes, labels, BOL, W&I and invoices.
  • The quote, shipments and freight bill pages provide easy to use spreadsheet-like functionality to pick from over 50 fields to display, inclusive of how they are ordered on the page and their sorting.
  • Clients can quickly export the filtered results to CSV or Excel formats.

Fusion Center

Nexterus Fusion Center