Is a Supply Chain Franchise Right for You?

When ready to make the next step in your career and start your own business, there are countless industries that offer exciting new opportunities. However, if you have a background in supply chain management, it would be advantageous to consider a logistics franchise. According to a recent study, the industry is growing at an unprecedented scale. There are new and evolving opportunities for reliable individuals with the proper technical knowledge and project management skills.

If you’re considering owning your own business, there are multiple benefits of starting a supply chain management franchise that you might not find in other industries.

Why Should I Consider the Logistics Industry?

When considering a franchise opportunity, many industries, such as restaurants, day spas, and gyms, have a limited target audience. If a portion of the population doesn’t like the food you serve, have the means to pamper themselves, or work out, they will not be utilizing your franchise.

There are two main reasons to consider the logistics industry that make it a more attractive franchise to open. A supply chain franchise has a nearly limitless client base and the opportunity for multiple revenue streams. Let’s examine these ideas a little more closely.

An Essentially Limitless Client Base

Believe it or not, almost every business will need supply chain management at one point or another. Whether a business is a manufacturer, supplier, or retailer, elements of logistics are needed on every link of the supply chain.

For small-to-midsize businesses, having someone to handle their logistics will allow the business owner to focus on the day-to-day operations, which improves their bottom line. As a supply chain manager, your potential client pool is limited only by your imagination and the amount of effort you’re willing to put in to find clients.

Multiple Revenue Streams

By becoming an expert in multiple facets of the supply chain, you present yourself with the opportunity for multiple revenue streams. With a logistics franchise, you can be focused on the back-end manufacturing or the customer-facing areas of product shipping and fulfillment. Help your clients build resilient supply chains that help them respond swiftly and effectively to economic, technological, and market disruptions.

Better yet, you can master multiple areas of a supply chain, beyond transportation, to improve your customer’s financial bottom line. Nexterus specializes in network optimization, inventory optimization, route optimization, and information technology services (network, cyber, hardware). As you get to know your customers’ needs, they will find value in additional services you can provide.

Why A Franchise Rather Than Your Own Business?

The idea of starting your own independent supply chain company and becoming your own boss sounds enticing. However, having the support of a franchisor will allow you to succeed in your new venture at a faster pace, with the benefits of technology, training, and name recognition.

Franchisors want their franchisees to succeed; because if they’re successful, it means that the company as a whole will be successful. At the onset of your new venture, a franchisor will be able to set you up with your own territory and provide the necessary training for your business to thrive. Once you’re up and running, a franchisor can also provide marketing support and troubleshoot any issues you may encounter along the way.

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