Logistics Franchise Opportunities: What to Look For

When many people think of supply and logistics, they don’t realize it’s a $1.3 trillion (yes, that’s trillion, with a t) global industry, and is always continuing to grow and expand. When looking for new franchising opportunities, investing in a logistics franchise can be a very savvy business decision, especially if you currently work in the industry, or have previous logistics experience.

For someone who is reliable, has proper technical knowledge, project management skills, communication and problem-solving skills, as well as a desire to learn, owning your own logistics franchise could be a lucrative career path.

There are several key benefits to owning and operating a logistics franchise.

Good Value for Experienced Consultants

Compared to other franchises, a logistics franchise is relatively inexpensive to start up. Financially, the all-in franchise costs range between $117,800 to $154,300 to secure a logistics franchise. This includes training and marketing, as well. Not only is the start-up cost low, but overhead costs can also be kept to a minimum, along with equipment and staffing. Unlike many other franchises, a logistics franchise can be run out of a home office with the right software and a telephone.

Your Clients Are Virtually Limitless

At some point, nearly every business will need some form of supply chain management. Manufacturers will need to ship to distributors, who will then need to ship to retailers or other merchants. For a small-to-mid-size business, it may be difficult for them to compete in the global marketplace, especially if supplies are required from multiple sources. That’s where you would come in, to minimize costs and maximize profits for your clients.

As a supply chain franchisee, your potential client pool in your territory is limited only to your imagination, and your efforts in pitching potential clients on your abilities to manage their supply chain.

Multiple Revenue Streams

With limitless clients comes the ability for almost as limitless revenue streams. Your logistics franchise can help clients improve their supply chain in several key areas, including:

  • Focusing on the front-end manufacturing side with raw materials being transported and stored.
  • Ensuring distribution centers are in the right place to minimize transportation costs.
  • Reducing excess inventory and dead stock.
  • Securing transportation of the final product to the distributor or retailer.

Support from the Franchisor

A major benefit of owning a logistics franchise is the backing and support from your franchisor. When searching for the right franchise to own, make sure the franchisor is willing to provide your new logistics franchise with all-inclusive training both at the territory and corporate level, including the use of any proprietary software.

The franchisor should also provide assistance with marketing and lead generation, access to the franchisor’s database of suppliers and supply chain management techniques, operational guidelines, as well as ongoing training and support throughout the entire process.

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