What does a family-owned business mean for clients?

How to Find the Right 3PL for Your Business

Are you considering hiring a third-party logistics partner to help you manage your business?

Also known as a 3PL, the right third-party logistics partner can be a true asset. Your careful analysis of the assets your new partner can bring is essential to helping your new partnership succeed.

A 3PL’s trustworthiness will be indispensable in the equation, as will their industry and supply chain knowledge, technological prowess, and longevity.

For their part, family-owned businesses are well-known for providing personal connection, long-term focus, agility, flexibility, and strong values:

  • Their connection to community and customers often leads to a more collaborative, stable, and mutually beneficial partnership.
  • They tend to be more agile and flexible than larger corporations–an advantage in fast-moving industries or markets, as they can quickly adapt to changing conditions.
  • Their business values are often passed down from generation to generation.

Why not explore the value a family-owned 3PL can bring?

A brief history of the Polakoff family, leaders in 3PL service

Founded In 1946 by A.A. Polakoff–a Brooklyn-born attorney and former industrial traffic manager–Nexterus has consistently specialized in bringing the best ideas, products, and services that large companies employ to meet the needs of small and mid-sized (SMB) companies. The company researches the best practices of the world’s most efficient supply chains and brings those solutions to the SMB marketplace in scalable and affordable applications:

  • In 1967, Nexterus created a subscriber service to act as the traffic (logistics) department for small and mid-sized enterprises. With this service, clients could manage domestic freight transportation with an internal resource who could perform these complex, heavily regulated tasks as an add-on to their primary responsibilities in transportation, warehousing, operations, or procurement.
  • In the late 1980s, Nexterus developed what is believed to be the first transportation management system (TMS).
  • In 1975, Nexterus’ current CEO, Sam Polakoff–now a third-generation owner of Nexterus Inc.– started work at Nexterus. He has since transformed Nexterus into a supply chain engineering and technology firm, launching divisions like Information Technology, Sales & Marketing, International Transportation Management, Freight Payment, and Supply Chain Services.
  • In 2022, Sam founded BrillDog, a supply chain SaaS platform for small- and medium-sized companies. Sam passed the reins of leadership of Nexterus to his son, Ryan, who serves as President.

Today, Nexterus is a premiere logistics management firm using a mix of custom-developed code and licensed software products to give clients exciting online tools and analysis, making the management of a diverse, global supply chain as easy as possible. We help you establish logistics strategies, sourcing inbound materials, optimizing and efficiently packaging products, providing a portfolio of transportation partners to deliver goods, and managing all administrative supply chain services, including claims, audit, and invoice payments.

Join Nexterus’ loyal, long-standing customers.

Nexterus has an average client tenure of 15 years, while we’ve served our longest-standing client for 45 years. Nexterus consistently employs high-level talent and grows our internal resources. boasting an average employee tenure of 15 years. (Our longest-serving employee has worked for us and Nexterus clients for 25 years!)

In fact, Nexterus is the oldest privately held company of its kind in America and remains 100% owned and operated by the Polakoff family.

Companies want to work with businesses they can trust. Recently, a prospective customer contacted us and said that since we’ve been in business so long, they believe we know a lot about the industry and how to solve customers’ challenges. Once we understand your business goals and needs, we research best-in-class supply chain strategies employed by the largest companies in the world and scale them to meet clients’ needs. Our unique approach to modeling, optimizing, and managing allows clients to build their business and focus on growth while we take care of their supply chain challenges. Contact Nexterus today.

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