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Optimizing the Plan

Nexterus can optimize network, inventory and transportation/route planning using our simulation suite of applications. Our Advisory Services group employ best practices and industry metrics to optimize demand planning, S&OP, production planning, material planning and MRP/DRP.

Optimizing the Source

Selecting the optimum source starts with a sound strategy. Sometime this can mean the difference between make versus buy and can dramatically impact the supply chain configuration. Nexterus can share best practices in developing a comprehensive supply chain oriented sourcing strategy, and optimize the impact of that strategy, as a result of modeling a host of sourcing options.

Optimizing the Make

Stepping outside the four walls of the plant to optimize the network is a good first step towards optimizing manufacturing. The “where” can be more important than the “how.” Where are the suppliers and how can shifts in sourcing change the way you manufacture? Where are customers? How do they buy and how does that mix affect how you manufacture? Is postponement or optimized product configuration a viable “make” strategy? Cellular versus linear, fabrication or assembly, automation or operation are all good places to look to optimize, ancillary to a “make” strategy, once the “where” and “what” have been established.

Optimizing the Deliver

Nexterus offers deliver optimization on three fronts: warehouse layout optimization, transportation network/route optimization and process and metric optimization for tactical operations (order management, shipping and receiving). Nexterus helps you view deliver strategically, not tactically.

Optimizing the Return

Modeling numerous network options is paramount to pursuing an optimum reverse channel strategy. From aftermarket service and destruction/recycling at field disposition to stock rotation and harvesting at an intermediary site, Nexterus can drive the optimization of the return.