What's Possible

Modeling the Plan

Nexterus offers a multitude of planning simulation tools from virtually rendering the entire network (all supplier/manufacturing/customer sites, material and finished good flows, labor and fixed cost allocations) to simulating a single component of the supply chain such as material planning policies or capacity planning.

Modeling the Source

Offshoring, nearshoring and reshoring simulations are effortless with our source modeling application. Seamlessly quantify the cost benefit of holding inventory versus an array of lead times. Calculate total landed cost and ponder shifts in Incoterms with a live rendering of the entire inbound flow of raw materials and finished goods.

Modeling the Make

Is your supply chain agile enough to shift from a make-to-stock to a make-to-order strategy? Are you capable of simulating and quantifying the effect of changing models or perhaps running both simultaneously? Is your supply chain nimble enough to seamlessly alternate between make versus buy when the cost benefit materializes? How do you know when the moment is right to change your make strategy? Modeling multiple make strategies takes the guesswork out of the equation.

Modeling the Deliver

When modeling for deliver, the first scenario should be distribution versus fulfillment or maybe a mix of both for an omnichannel solution. With real time rendering of the cost to serve, Nexterus can bring clarity to an extremely complex strategy.

Modeling the Return

Reverse channel management can be a costly and burdensome dimension to any business. Modeling the field disposition, retrieval, physical movement and triage of returns ensures the enterprise is cognizant of its total cost to serve the market within a series of clearly established viable models.