Why You Should Consider Investing in a White-Collar Franchise in 2021

If you’re reading this, chances are, you’ve been mulling over the idea of investing in a franchise. But no brands are quite alike, and there’s a wide spectrum when it comes to the types of businesses you might want to own. For instance, have you ever thought of buying a white-collar franchise? You may have never thought about franchises being white-collar or blue-collar, but you could argue that they tend to fall into those two categories.

What is a Blue-Collar Franchise?

As you would imagine, the blue-collar franchises are restaurant chains, car maintenance brands, fitness centers, salons, and retail. These are businesses in which you might do some heavy lifting or standing on your feet, and you’re likely going to be working nights and weekends.

What is a White-Collar Franchise?

An accounting, tax, or marketing franchise would be considered a white-collar franchise. If you own an urgent care franchise, that might be considered white-collar, even though you’ll probably have evening and weekend hours. Nexterus, a supply chain management optimization franchise, is also a white-collar franchise.

Typically, aside from the aforementioned examples, when people refer to a white-collar franchise, they’re referring to a franchised business in which the employer and employees, which you’ll need as your business grows, are working in an office environment. Generally, you’ll have office hours that fall along the 9-to-5, Monday through Friday business model.

What’s the Advantage of Buying a White-Collar Franchise Rather Than Starting My Own Business?

This is a question every business owner needs to ask themself. After all, we’ll be the first to admit that there are good arguments for striking out on your own and starting your own independent business.

You may think you have such a great business model that you’ll want to franchise it yourself someday. Or you may want a mom and pop type of operation, and you’re not that interested in making much money, just enough to keep a roof over your head.

But if you aspire to be more than a struggling mom and pop business, you worry about starting a small business that someday goes under. Or you have the initiative and drive but feel overwhelmed by creating a company from scratch — those are a few of the many reasons to consider franchising.

Investing, however, in a white-collar franchise over a blue-collar one really goes to the heart of what you want out of life. Here are some of the reasons business owners invest in a white-collar franchise.

A better work-life balance. You may love the idea of owning a popular restaurant (who wouldn’t love that?). You picture yourself looking at the neon sign and the crowded drive-thru and thinking, “I own this place. Look at all those customers.”

It’s all very glamorous until you picture yourself flipping burgers in a kitchen late at night because one of your employees quit a few hours earlier. In other words, it’s quite possible to buy certain franchises that make you feel like it’s the boss of you, instead of you being the boss of it.

Less physically demanding. We all need more exercise, and so there’s some argument that a blue-collar franchise will help you be more physically active. Which is good.

But we also aren’t getting any younger, so you may want to ask yourself — do I want to buy a franchise where on many days and some nights, I’m going to be running around, lifting things, and standing for hours on end during a shift? Or would I rather have a franchise where I can work comfortably in my air-conditioned office, sitting (if I want to) at a desk, and cultivating relationships with clients? How taxing the franchise is going to be on your health is definitely something to consider.

A smaller investment. It generally costs a fair amount to buy any franchises. If you want to pay for a big name brand restaurant, you might end up spending half a million or a million dollars, easily, for the right to own and run an internationally known burger chain or chicken restaurant.

With many franchises, you’re paying for everything from the household name attached, the expensive equipment needed to run your operation, and building and constructing your brick-and-mortar location. Those types of franchises may be worth it, but there’s no doubt that it can cost a fortune.

Many white-collar franchises — and Nexterus is one of them — do not necessarily require emptying your life savings. A typical initial investment in a Nexterus franchise runs between $87,800 to $124,300. That isn’t money you find in your couch cushions, but it’s far less than you would pay to run a business that may require you to work nights and weekends because your teenage employee decided to skip their shift.

With many white-collar franchises, you may even be able to work out of your own home and scale as your business grows. That’s the case with Nexterus.

A better match to your experience. If you’ve spent your career as a white-collar employee or executive, doesn’t it make sense to take all of those skills you’ve nurtured over a lifetime and be the business owner of a white-collar franchise?

It especially makes sense if you’ve worked in logistics or any part of a supply chain and are looking for a franchise opportunity that fits within your skill set and an industry you already know.

As you probably know, unless you just came to our website for the first time, Nexterus is a supply chain and technology franchise that helps small to mid-sized companies compete in the global marketplace. Our corporate business has been around since 1946. Our proprietary market-leading supply chain modeling software, Fusion Center, allows industry professionals and executives to hit the ground running and open their own supply chain management optimization franchise, to help small to medium-sized businesses optimize their supply chains.

So if you’re looking for supply chain franchise opportunities and owning a white-collar franchise interests you, we’d be very interested in meeting with you.

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