How to Start a Supply Chain and Technology Business From Home

Whether you finally want to become “your own boss” or work a schedule that’s different from a traditional “9 to 5,” a home-based franchise can be a very intriguing possibility for those looking for their next career move. For those with a background in logistics looking for this type of change, transitioning to a home-based 3PL business is an ideal scenario. There are many logistics franchise opportunities out there, and finding the perfect home-based opportunity is easier than you think.

What Do I Need to Start a Franchise?

Having a background in and understanding of supply chain management can only help you start your home-based 3PL franchise. Companies are looking for individuals who are high-energy, committed to providing great customer service, and have good sales and communication skills. Often, franchise owners are required to become (or already be) domestic property brokers.

Financially, the projected initial investment range for a single 3PL franchise ranges from $117,800 to $154,300, approximately in the middle of average cost for the opening of any type of franchise. This is an “all-in” cost that includes an initial franchise fee, training, initial marketing expenses, a computer system, and additional fees. As with any franchise opportunity, it is important to have a proper amount of available investment capital to ensure that you can survive financially during the startup period.

Many logistics franchisees boast the ability to work from home, needing only a laptop and phone to manage their franchise.

What Will a Franchisor Do for Me?

If approved to begin a franchise, you will receive the appropriate level of training from the franchisor. The franchisor’s goal is for their franchisee to succeed, so you will be given the entire “playbook” during this training.

At Nexterus, the franchisee training is a multi-faceted, modular initial training program, including videos and other multimedia tools for remote training, as well as onsite training at Nexterus’ corporate headquarters. Nexterus also provides in-territory training during your initial months of operation and will continue to provide ample remote support after your business launch.

You will also be given access to proprietary technology, best-in-class supply chain modeling and optimization tools, and an operations manual to help you run your business properly on a day-to-day basis.

Do I Need Anything Else?

Outside of the necessities of capital, technology, training, and software, there are several essential elements needed to operate a successful 3PL franchise from home, including relationship building, a well-written business plan that you continually examine, and an ability to anticipate the next moves in the industry.

Knowledge of technology is also important. While logistics has been considered an archaic industry for a long time, new technologies are causing a revolution in supply chain management. It is important to stay on top of these new technologies in order for your 3PL franchise to succeed. The logistics industry is getting younger and younger, and the supply chain managers coming into the industry will be the ones utilizing new forms of technology to transform the industry.

If you have these skills, you are well on your way to starting your home-based logistics franchise.

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