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Audit Specialist III

Reports to Manager, Audit, Claims & Sourcing
Nexterus is a supply chain engineering and technology firm that helps small and medium companies compete through the power of supply chain


The Audit Specialist position will be responsible for auditing invoices, setting up invoicing amounts for clients, direct communication with carriers and clients to resolve issues, data mining of information to facilitate continuous improvement, and assisting in supply chain reviews and modeling.


  1. Should be proficient in the National Motor Freight Classification
       a.   Understand supplements and changes
       b.   Responsible for updating TMS based on changes to the NMFC
  2. Should have a proficient understanding of rates/pricing to include the following:
       a.   Discounts
       b.   Rate base understanding
       c.   Rate per cwt
       d.   Carrier rules tariff
       e.   Rates by other measure (square yards, mileage, equipment type)
       f.   Density calculations – bumping provisions
  3. Assist with disputing invoices based on classification in conjunction with the NMFC
  4. Be proficient in understanding carrier service areas, direct vs interline, direct vs partner points

Interested candidates should send their resume to