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Nexterus announces strategic partnership with Bearing and Drive Solutions

New contract continues 26-year legacy partnership for supply chain management firm

NEW FREEDOM, Pa. – Nexterus, a premier provider of supply chain modeling, optimization and management services, announced today a new agreement with Bearing and Drive Solutions.

The agreement comes after Bearing and Drive Solutions’ acquisition of 40-year-old Brown Transmission and Bearing, a legacy partner of Nexterus.

“This is such a nice story for us to be able to continue our long-time partnership with Brown Transmission and Bearing, and adding Bearing and Drive Solutions as a valued customer,” said Ryan Polakoff, vice president of sales and marketing for Nexterus. “We’re now able to radically help the combined client entity grow because of our years of excellent service to Brown Transmission and Bearing.”

With the new agreement, Bearing and Drive Solutions will outsource all of its transportation and logistics needs to Nexterus and its’ trademark Fusion Center TMS, which will provide streamlined operations and cost savings for BDS and its customers.

“The Fusion Center software will, by and large, provide us a significant time and economic savings that we can then extend to our customers,” said Mike Sist, senior director of purchasing for Bearing and Drive Solutions. “By partnering with Nexterus, they can do what they do best, and we can focus our attention on what we do best, bringing the largest benefit to our customers.”

Nexterus’ Fusion Center is an online transportation management system that allows users to create custom filtered views to track, manage and update all supply chain activity. By utilizing this proprietary software, Bearing and Drive Solutions can obtain quotes, execute electronic dispatches, and receive tracking updates in one easy step.

Table of Contents

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